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The frustrations of WordPress (when you don’t know what you’re doing)

So, I thought, I’ll build my own WordPress theme and learn more about how it all works from the inside-out (as it were). Yes, cracking idea. Except I don’t know anything about PHP. Or much about WordPress in general.

Consequently, here I am, frustrated by minor things and getting the distinct impression that I’m drowning, not waving…

But I shall persevere. For why, I don’t know. It’s not like anyone’s going to read this; it’s not going to change the world; it’s not going to save lives. In reality, it’s an egotistical homage to my own desire to ‘have a voice’ in the massive expanse of cyberspace. It doesn’t matter to anyone except me. How stupendously selfish!

Yet does this awareness of the ego make me stop? Does it make me reconsider my chosen path? No, of course not. Perversely, I am more determined to beat this sucker, to bend it to my will and make it bow before me before I stride, triumphant, over the battlefield of fallen PHP and discarded widgets.

Time will tell who truly triumphs in this struggle…