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Lovely day for a ramble

I have three days off work and the weather is stupendous so, naturally, my mind turns to getting out and about in the fresh air. With two equally enthusiastic friends, we head off for another one of our ‘wanders around Welton’. I had nothing planned but, by now, we’re getting to know the area and the options available at each junction. So we started heading out, up from Welton Dale towards Brantingham. Instead of going down into Brantingham, we turned right – our goal was Nut Wood near Raywell.

It was surprisingly quiet compared to a Saturday, especially the road sections. Everywhere we went we were serenaded by bird song; the chaffinches were in particularly fine form! We managed to avoid being trampled by deer this time, the most exotic creature today being a few squirrels. There were moments on the route where we just just stood and listened to the gentle buzz of nature – it was so peaceful. There was a louder buzz of nature as we went through Nut Wood – a bumble bee had taken a shine to me for some reason (possibly something to do with the mini Mars Bar I’d just eaten…) and he followed us for a while, droning in a deep baritone as he bobbed from side to side behind me. Bees I can handle – wasps can just do one!

What I like about walking around Welton is the nice variations in terrain, from rolling grassland to wooded areas, with gentle inclines, steep (but blissfully short) treks and a good amount of almost flat walking to give you chance to get your breath back (which you need when you are as unfit as me!). On this walk we did three inclines – the notorious ‘Bad Boy’ (not it’s official name, just ours) coming up out of Elloughton Dale, Spout Hill coming out of Brantingham and the path up the side of Nut Wood. And not forgetting the deceptively gentle (but persistent) slope just passed The Cottages, towards Waudy Dam. All in all, you get a pretty decent workout!

I haven’t worked out how far we walked in total yet, but I reckon it’s something like 9 or 10 miles*. We were walking at a gentle pace so it took us 3 hours and 20 minutes. It was a fantastic way to start the day – sunshine, fresh air and great company.

* Google tells me it was 9.86miles.