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Cracking on with it

Things appear to be taking shape, albeit quite slowly. I’m finding that the more I dig into WordPress, the more I find things to play with and try and test and fiddle with (then, invariably, undo everything I’ve just done because it’s broken something…). Today, for example, I have been mostly looking at sub-page display options and trying to figure out why a particular static page, when linked to from its parent, appears with the wrong template. Hmmmmm…. I’m hoping it’s some kind of annoying cache issue.*

Along with the sub-page display options, I’ve created a new template (for the said awkward page) and used that as an excuse to add different sidebars, to allow a category list and a tag cloud. Not that there’s much content to tag or that many categories with any content behind them, but the thought’s there and that’s the main thing. I still have things like image libraries and videos to sort out, as well as fine-tuning the layout and content on some other static pages (such as ‘Walks around Welton‘). And I still haven’t got any content together for the ‘Rats’ section or the ‘Art stuff’ section… But I’ll get there, I’m sure; if nothing else, it’s helped me pass a good few hours away while I attempt to not move my head, due to an attack of vertigo!

So, what does the future hold for Blipworld? Well, at this rate, I’ll still be twatting about with it! There comes a time when you just have to say ‘Stop, that’s enough!’ but I’m nowhere near that point yet. And, php ignorance aside, I’m quite enjoying myself in geek-heaven, so ‘nyerr’.

* Turns out, it was me being an idiot – it was linking to a different page…